penelope ceja

founder in California

penelope ceja

founder in California

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Hi, I’m Penelope, otherwise known as Crypto Sugar. I've been into Bitcoin and Altcoins since before they were cool. I'm an OG in this space, I love it, and you are going to love it too!

I was the girl surrounded by very rich friends and seemingly always in exclusive places. You name it; private planes, yachts, islands and red carpet events all became accessible to me. But none of it was mine, I tagged along because I couldn't afford this lifestyle on my own. Being surrounded by this wealth was a great motivator and I began to search for the formula for creating true wealth for myself.

I was lucky enough to have great mentors, I received the best guidance and kept an open mind. I am self made, self taught, a survivor, and have thrived in the bear and bull markets.

My goal is to work with talented people and help those in need navigate this crazy Crypto world. I want you to achieve your dreams as I have done for myself.

And that's where you come in, whether you're brand new to Crypto or an experienced trader, I'd love to connect with you.

Let's turn your life around.

You can connect with me by scheduling a call by clicking the big red button above. ;)

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It really helped! I needed help with figuring out starting up with crypto, my call with penelope was really good. It was great having her explain to me what I need to be doing and how to avoid the high fees I was paying to buy in. I will be doing another call after my next paycheck so I can invest a bit more when get more saved so I can do more with it. I recommend
C.J. Arrieta
Thank you so much Penelope I love using this platform, your advice is very helpful, I will used VIP Clarity for now and recommend all my friends! best penelope Crypto dream.
Olga Loera